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4 hexagon necklace - silver

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In geometry, a hexagon is a polygon with six edges and six vertices. Meaning of 6 (as a numerological aspect of the hexagon) include: Communication, Interfacing, Balance, and Union. These elements lead my life and creation and this is why I love to use the hexagons in my jewelers. Fore hexagons necklace made of pure silver plated brass is a fabulous addition to any woman's jewel box. This piece is part of the 'Look At Us’ collection. For this collection, I explored the technological development of human kind throughout history. I began the journey with ancient cultures from all over the world & used them to inspire the ethnic and aesthetic values of this collection. At the same time, I went through an industrial revolution of my own, traveling Metro subways lines across London, Moscow and New York. Inspired by my journey, I engraved these major rail lines on the seven basic metal parts that make up the complex designs in this collection. When you wear the pieces in the “Look At Us” collection they will make you feel powerful and sophisticated and make others around you say “WOW”! All of my items come beautifully wrapped in a gift box. Do not use perfume or water on this jewelry.

Size: OS

Color: silver

Material: Pure silver plated brass

Item Fit / Dimensions: long:4cm/1.6in width:5cm/2in chain:25 cm/9.8 in long

Made In: Israel

Shipped From: Israel

Lead Time: 3 - 4 Days