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Noir et Blanc

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Bracelets are wonderful pieces that make you very feminine. Discrete, subtle and glamorous, it adapts to all your needs and adds a final touch to your look, which makes the whole difference… Come and check out our collection of colorful bracelets with a jadeite bead. Let yourself be guided by your senses in the middle of all these colors! In the land of, you can choose between green, orange, red, blue, or whatever your favorite color is. Your happiness is at your fingertips! Feel beautiful from head to toes, just like a Mayan queen. For the Mayas, bracelets were worn to protect the hands and the arms, parts of the body that were more exposed. For them, bracelets could spread a positive energy that protected the person who was wearing them. Is it still like that today? In we are sure it is!

Size: Adjustable

Color: Black and white

Material: Bracelet made with different color of waxed thread with Jade jadeite Donut color Dark green

Made In: Guatemala

Shipped From: Guatemala

Lead Time: 1 - 2 Days